Junior Group Bookings (Height 140cm+)

Looking for an activity to celebrate a birthday or just making the most of school holidays? We are excited to offer junior groups the opportunity to tailor make their own experiences by picking and choosing what races they want and when they want them.

To book out an entire race and guarantee your group are the only ones on the track please book out all 16 seats in that given race (subject to availability).

Important Information:

All racers within a group must be taller than 140cm or they will be turned away on the day & will not be allowed to race. This is strictly enforced as it is the height required to reach the pedals and control the kart in a safe manner. Please refer to our Standard Refund Policy for more details.

After selecting a date below please ensure you are booking for the appropriate age category.

Hours of fast-paced fun

Looking for an all-weather, totally inclusive and safe party idea that will be a sure-fire hit? Hyper Karting’s electric karts are clean, safe and, best of all, flat-out fun for junior go-kart racing groups and clubs. With zero emissions, riveting performance and a super-stable low centre of gravity — group go-karting will leave even the coolest of kids buzzing with excitement.


Check out our group events

Don’t let your school holiday or birthday party fall flat. We’ve all been there — bad weather, an activity that’s great for boys but leaves the girls on the sidelines, something where safety seems a little low on the priority list or requires an all-day drive. Hyper Karting will fast-track an event and provide something that every kid can enjoy while still leaving the parents smiling. Our junior go-karting races cater for those taller than 140cm, run every 15 minutes from 6 AM to midnight, seven days a week and bookings can be made up to six weeks before your event. Our junior go-kart racing is located in the Moore Park Entertainment Precinct with plenty of public transport, parking, other attractions and restaurants close at hand.


Speed, steer and stay safe

To ensure the safety of all drivers, each racer must be at least 140cm tall - your height will be checked prior to entering the race briefing area. This ensures that all children participating in our junior go-kart racing are able to estimate speed, have fully-developed peripheral vision and are physically able to steer, brake and see other karts on the track. Drivers 16+ are considered ‘adults’ and should book in the adult groups.

All drivers are provided with a helmet that’s appropriate for their age and the type of kart they’re driving. Each kart’s ‘footprint’ features a wide body, with an axle geometry that virtually eliminates tipping. Our karts have impact-absorbing bumpers at front and back and are speed-limited to a maximum of 20km/h for younger kids. Speeds are limited for the first lap and a half during which driving skills are automatically assessed and the speed limit then raised appropriately.


How to book

Booking couldn’t be simpler or more flexible. Simply browse our Junior Group Bookings page for a date that works for you, click on the button for that date then check that races for your age group are available that day. Click on your preferred race time and enter the number of racers. Each race has fifteen karts, so if you have a group of fifteen or more racers you can simply book out the whole race.

The group should arrive at least 15 minutes before race time for briefing. Normal street clothes are fine as long as they’re not loose-fitting and shoes are enclosed. An age-appropriate helmet is provided. Please note that all junior go-kart racing participants must register before their arrival.


Plan a day packed with fun

Our website routinely features discounts that are clearly visible for each available session and will be applied automatically when you book. Off-peak sessions in the early morning, late evening and first days of the week are the most affordable options. You can also use discover vouchers, with the voucher value available as a partial refund at the venue when you use online bookings.

Moore Park is Sydney’s entertainment precinct, with lots of restaurants, bars and other attractions, so there’s always something exciting happening nearby. Some days are busier than others, and on-site parking can be stretched. Check for major events when planning your event. Junior go-kart racing participants and parents should read the terms and conditions on our website which detail Covid requirements, how automatic speed control works, driving tips and more.