What is Virtual Reality?

    Virtual Reality or VR is 3D, interactive, virtual world that you can explore and play different games in. Our system uses tetherless headsets and controllers so you can walk around freely in both the real and virtual world.

    How do you play?


    With a multitude of exciting free-roam games, Hyper Reality is the perfect activity for any occasion! 

    STEP 2: SUIT UP!

    Our friendly staff will be on hand to assist you in putting on your Virtual Reality headset and your immersive haptic feedback vest!


    Here’s the exciting part, step into our 10m x 10m arena and immerse yourself in the virtual world!

    What games are available?


      Prepare yourself for a thrilling experience like no other as we introduce you to the world of "Death Squad."

      Death Squad places you in the virtual apocalypse as you survive wave after wave of relentless zombies. Whether you're a lone survivor or part of a squad, your objective remains the same, stay alive at all costs.

      Explore the city and locate the supplies you need to survive, or succumb to the hordes…

      Test your survival skills, your nerves, and your ability to work under pressure. Are you prepared to face the zombie apocalypse head-on?


      Step into the space area to hunt down your friends in a PvP experience like no other

      Cyber Clash, where battles against your family and friends await in the virtual world. Choose from multiple different game options, including battle royale, a Fortnite-like PvP experience with a dwindling border closing in on you.

      King of the Hill mode introduces a strategic twist to the conventional PvP setting. Gamers battle to seize and retain control over a central point on the map, accruing points over time.

      Team Deathmatch divides players into teams, and puts them against each other in an intense battle. In this mode, communication within the team is essential, and determines the final outcome.

      Are you prepared to step into the arena and engage in the ultimate PvP experience?


      Welcome to the sizzling world of Kitchen Panic, a cooking adventure that will have you chopping, frying, and plating your way through a frenzy of epic proportions.

      In Kitchen Panic, the gameplay revolves around multitasking and cooperation, creating a bustling restaurant environment where orders flood in rapidly. Players team up with fellow virtual chefs to handle orders while racing against the clock. 

      As you advance, Kitchen Panic presents dynamic challenges, introducing increasingly complex recipes and an increase of orders to keep players on their toes and their skills sharp. Are you ready to conquer the culinary world with your co-chefs?


      Party Playland is a Mario Party style like gameplay with a whirlwind of mini games.

      Imagine you and up to 7 friends in a virtual playground packed with an ever-changing lineup of mini games. The mini games are all about variety and surprise ranging from obstacle courses, chicken fishing and much more.

      The best part? The games are designed to be quick, intense and heaps of fun as you find out ways to outsmart and outplay your friends. Collect points at the end of each round to climb the leaderboard and prove that you're the champion of the virtual arena.