Frequently Asked Questions



Take the elevator or stairs of the main car park to Level 5.

Please ensure you bring a pair of enclosed shoes and a hair elastic if you have hair below your shoulders.

Hyper Karting reserves its right that bookings are strictly non-refundable regardless of the reason for non-attendance, unless ‘Booking Protection’ has been added in the checkout process.

For bookings greater than or equal to 30 seats total, a minimum rescheduling notice of one (1) week is required, in which case a gift card will be issued to the total amount of your booking value. For bookings with less than 30 seats, a minimum rescheduling notice of 48 hours is required, in which case a gift card will be issued to the total amount of your booking value.

Rescheduling notice must be provided to or via phone on (02) 8311 4124.

You can view the Full Standard Refund Policy here.

Hyper Karting are located on the 5th level of the Entertainment Quarter Wilson Car Park. First 2 hours of parking are free in the carpark. On event days, we can validate your ticket however there will be a minimum $7 parking fee charged by Wilson Parking.

Yes. We've designed a purpose-built indoor track with access to open-air so your young ones can have fun maneuvering around the track in either main track karts or mini karts, even while it’s raining.

At Hyper Karting, all our karts have automatic transmission systems. Our German-engineered RiMO electric karts are quicker than most petrol cars. This new cutting-edge technology enables them to reach their top speeds faster and have a smoother racing experience, even for people who don’t know how to drive.

No, there is no specific dress code for Hyper Karting, but it is mandatory to wear enclosed shoes. In addition to this, we also advise all racers to wear comfortable casual clothing. While racing, we don't allow loose clothing such as long skirts or scarves. If you have long hair below the shoulders, we would ask you to tie your hair before you start Hyper Karting. It is also mandatory to wear a safety helmet and seatbelt during Hyper Karting.

All racers must wear closed or enclosed shoes during Hyper Karting. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to let you race in thongs or open-toe shoes.

We advise you not to race if you have medical conditions inducing seizures, heart issues, back problems, or wear a wrist or knee brace. Please consult a doctor if you are unsure whether it is safe to race.

No, there is no cash kept on the premises and it is not accepted in the venue.

For in-store payments, we accept all major credit cards.

It is highly recommended that you leave at least an hour between the go karting booking time and the Hyper Reality booking time.

It's important to note that the time slots for our go karting correspond with the start time of the race briefing, meaning the race isn't actually on track until the 15 minute briefing slot is complete.

With that in mind, if you are for example booked into the 11am session for go karting, the race won't be complete until 11:30 am.

To access your Hyper Karting Membership, you must first create a Hyper Karting account with the same email address you used to purchase the membership.

Your Membership discount will automatically be applied when you are logged into this account.

From the account page, you can edit, manage and cancel your Membership.



Minimum Age:No minimum age for Main Track. Please select appropriate age group when booking.

Minimum Height:140CM+ for Main Track. Those under 140CM can drive on our Mini Track

Maximum Weight:130kg.

Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions to the above requirements.

Children over the age of 3 are able to drive, under adult supervision, on our specially designed Mini Track. Please note that this is targeted at ages 3-7 and although kids aged 8+ are welcome to be a part of the fun, they may not find it entertaining for their age.

The track has a capacity for 20 people to be racing at once. Races offered on the website are set at a maximum capacity of up to 16 people for a more comfortable experience. If you would like to race more than 16 people on track at a time please

We do not recommend racing in back-to-back timeslots at Hyper Karting, due to the physical nature of the activity. Allow for a gap inbetween your races to see your lap times, grab a drink & plan your next overtake!

If you book back-to-back races we may require you to remain seated in your kart between races.

Our prices vary depending on the day of the week/time of day and range from $19 to $59 per person, per race. The price mirrors our busy/quiet periods (ie. busy periods are more expensive and vice versa for quiet periods).

No, you don’t need a driver’s license for Hyper Karting. But, you will require a photo ID.

Yes, kids of all ages can race at Hyper Karting on either our Main Track or Mini Track. Our Main Track only has a minimum height requirement of 140cm+, whilst our Mini Track is suitable for those aged 3-7 years old. When it comes to kids racing, safety is our main priority. Parents can either supervise next to the track (main track) or sit behind their child on the mini track. These karts run at slower speeds to ensure the safety of all. Your entire family can race together by booking karts based on your youngest driver’s age.

No, 0.00 BAC is required for the safety of the racer and other racers on the track. No driver will be permitted to race under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Alcoholic beverages and smoking are also prohibited around the track.

Yes, to ensure the safety of all racers, we do regulate the speed of each kart based on your age. These kart speeds variations include: 

Ages under 12 | 140cm+— Adult karts on the Main Track at a significantly slower speed

Ages 12-15 — Adult karts on the Main Track at a slower speed

Ages 16+ standard — Adult karts on the Main Track at normal speed

Ages 16+ Expert - Adult karts on the Main Track with accelerated speed

Virtual Reality

The minimum age for VR is 8 years old.

The capacity in our VR arena varies depending on the game type. For Death Squad and CyberClash, we can accommodate up to 8 people per 15 minute session. For any Kitchen Panic games, we can accommodate up to 6 people per 15 minute session.

Our Virtual Reality Arena offers a selection between: 

  • Death Squad - Team up and survive against the undead horde as they swarm your base. Earn money as you kill zombies to unlock new areas and buy powerful weapons. 
  • Kitchen Panic - Keep calm under pressure and quickly produce the finest dishes paris has to offer before the customers run out of patience. Chop, cook and even throw ingredients at your teammates to get the meals served on time! 
  • CyberClash - Go head to head with your friends and family and choose between Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, Archery, King Of The Hill or Battle Royale!

It is always recommended to leave a break of one game between sessions.

Please note that if you book back-to-back sessions, you will exit the game after the first session and re-enter the game from the start for the second. Booking back to back sessions does not mean you will play 1 x 30 minute game, it will still be 2 x 15 minute games that will not continue on from the previous game.

Our prices vary depending on the day of the week/time of day and range from $19 to $29 per person, per game. The price mirrors our busy/quiet periods (ie. busy periods are more expensive and vice versa for quiet periods).

Each VR session will run for 15 minutes. If you are interested in having a longer session, you can book out all available spots in consecutive sessions or contact our customer service team.

Children over the age of 8 are permitted to play VR. Please consider your child’s individual capabilities before making a booking.

Some games may be too scary or difficult for your child to understand. A refund will not be provided if your child is frightened or does not want to participate in VR.

Unless you book out all 8 seats in your VR session, there may be other members of the public playing with you.

Without booking all 8 spots, the session remains available on our website and instore for others to purchase.

Corporate Bookings

For groups over 20 people who require special assistance, please reach out to

For groups under 20 people, please email for any enquiries!

Yes. If you are looking to book for a group larger than 20 people, you may opt for one of our specialcorporate function packages. In addition to the rush of adrenaline and Formula 1 inspired fun, you can add food and beverage options (for a minimum of 30 people) and so much more to your package.Just send an email to our corporate team at for further assistance with your booking.

If you’re looking for a fun activity with your friends, family or work colleagues, Hyper Karting is an exciting activity to accelerate your fun times with a rush of adrenaline. Conveniently located a few minutes away from Sydney’s CBD, Hyper Karting is a daring way to blow off steam during birthday parties, Christmas parties, bucks or hens parties or team building events.

We offer four types of group bookings. These include:

Kids parties (Ages 3-7)

Junior groups (Ages under 16)

Adult groups (Ages 16+)

Corporate bookings

Track Rules

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re a first-time driver, we will reduce the speed of your go kart for the first few laps to help you learn the circuit.

- Photo ID is required for all new participants.

- Drivers under 18 years of age must have adult consent.

- Racers under 18 must be accompanied by the parent on their first visit, and the parent must agree to a waiver supplied by the track.

- Drivers will not be permitted to race if under the influence of alcohol (0.00 BAC required) or drugs.

- We’re not bumper cars – no vehicle to vehicle contact.

- Follow safety directions from the staff at all times.

- Long hair (below shoulders) must be tied up under the helmet.

- Smoking is strictly prohibited around the track.

- Helmets and seat-belts must be worn.

- Enclosed shoes are required.

- Do not race if you have any medical conditions including, seizures, heart and/or back issues. Consult your doctor if you are unsure if it is safe for you to race.