Our tips and tricks for winning the race | Hyper Karting

Our tips and tricks for winning the race | Hyper Karting

From turn 1 to turn 16, each driver tackles the track differently. There are a few pieces of advice, however, that remain consistent within our pool of top racers. Over our first year of operating, we have collected these recommendations from both customers and staff to help you achieve your own personal best lap times.

1. Learn good lines

Learning the racing line is the greatest approach to establishing good lap times. The racing line is the fastest way through a turn on a race course. The difficulty of the bend and the length of the subsequent straight dictate the course of the best racing line — generally this involves going wide and whipping it around corners. If there are drivers in your race who are faster than you, follow them for a few laps to learn their lines and identify where you are falling short. As these drivers are taking better lap lines, they are more likely to be sped up by our automatic speed control system, and thus more likely to get the fastest lap time of the race! Tail them as closely as you can until the finish line and aim to mimic their driving as best you can. This will ensure you get into the habit of taking good lap lines.

2. Don't drift- consistency is key!

Solid control of the kart and an understanding of the karts features is imperative to setting lap records. Our electric karts are slightly different to the petrol karts you may be used to - it takes longer to build your speed back up once your momentum drops. Our electric karts offer smoother steering and boosts your driving experience overall. Behaviours that may decrease your momentum, such as drifting, should be avoided at all costs. Drifting leads the karts to quickly reduce rpm which is why it is imperative to avoid it by braking before the bend and relying on momentum to get you through. Drifting occurs when you brake at a turn. Being consistent on a lower speed is ultimately better than drifting/skidding on a higher speed!

3. Use your boost button

It’s easy to forget about your boost button when you’re out on the track. The boost button is available to use one time every 30 seconds, lasting for 3 seconds each time. Located on the steering wheel, the button gives your kart an additional 15% power. To successfully use this function, make sure you hold it down on the straights around the track, and avoid using it on corners.

4. Expert races

If you are a returning customer at Hyper Karting, and have achieved a lap time of sub 45 seconds, you are eligible to join our special expert races. Our expert races are for those looking to set unimpeded lap times. All those in the expert races are well-versed in the track, so there is less chance of being slowed by other drivers! Please don’t book into an expert race if you are not an expert as both criteria are checked upon arrival.

5. Utilise the grip

We use our own secret grip formula here at Hyper Karting! When we first started applying it to the track, it cut down racers’ lap times by about 2-3 seconds. Race in the sessions near to when the track is gripped to shave those seconds off your record! Typically, it is set down for the expert sessions in the morning.

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