Go-Karting for beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide

Go-Karting for beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide

In this racing guide, we’ll tell you all the key basics of go-karting, safety gear required, as well as track rules and etiquette. If you’re unsure of how go-kart racing works, look no further! 


Go-karting is an exhilarating activity that will get your adrenaline (and kart) racing, and get your competitive spirits soaring! 

The first step to becoming a winner is making a booking with Hyper Karting through our website. We suggest booking 2 races with a 1 race break in-between, however feel free to book 1 race, you can always book another after! We have 2 tracks, so double check you’re booking in to the appropriate track. Make sure everyone is over 140cm to race on our Main Track! If not, the Mini Track is perfect.

All drivers are required to fill out a Race Registration form. This is not only where customers can read through all our Terms and Conditions, but also so you can track your lap times, and see improvement as you continue your racing journey with us!

Head up to the front desk so our staff can add your name into the race, and then take a seat in our Briefing Area so we can take you through our rules of racing.


Take a seat and enjoy our Briefing Video which will perfectly explain all our track rules and kart features. If you still have questions, your Race Host will summarise everything and be there for any questions or concerns you may have!


We require enclosed shoes to race, but if you forget, don’t worry! We have plenty of spares to lend you. Make sure all your luscious locks are tucked into one of our stunning hair nets. We provide the helmets, but if you have an Australian approved full-faced helmet you’d like to rock at our venue, feel free! Our sizes range from 4XS to 3XL, so we’ve got something for everyone. 


Once you’ve been briefed and have your hair nets and helmets on, check the number of your allocated kart and take a seat! If you get into the wrong kart, your lap times won’t be accurate, so this is crucial! Our staff will come around and help you adjust the kart to make sure it fits in the safest way. We have 4 sizes of pedal extensions that can be added to ensure your knees are not fully extended when pushing down on the pedals. We also have seat inserts that can be added to allow you to fit in the seat more comfortably. For the little ones, we even have 2 sizes of pillows that can be placed behind their backs to ensure they are able to easily reach and turn the wheel. The seats can be adjusted via a lever between the drivers legs, for those racers who feel a little cramped in the kart. 

Once the driver feels comfortable in the kart, it’s time to strap in! Our seatbelts have a 4 point, harness-style design, going over each shoulder and across the front of your body, so there’s no chance of flying out of the kart!

Now that all the safety precautions have been made, it’s time to tear up the track!


The winner of each race at Hyper Karting is determined by who has the quickest lap, so don’t worry about who is in front of who when the race begins, there will be plenty of time to overtake once the race starts! There will be at least 2 staff members on track for the duration of your race. They will be in close communication throughout and will be monitoring the safety of each driver, and holding out signs appropriately. The two most important signs are “No Bumping” and “Allow Overtake”, so please keep an eye out! If you are shown the “No Bumping” sign, it is because staff have seen you purposely bumping into other karts or barriers which is dangerous to you and others, and also can damage the kart or track. If you are shown this sign multiple times, you may get a last warning before being taken off the track due to safety reasons. The “Allow Overtake” sign is shown when there is a driver behind you who is going at a faster speed than you. When shown this sign, move over to the left and slow down your kart to allow driver/s behind you to overtake. We have an automatic speed system, which will speed up karts according to lap times, meaning the quicker laps you set, the faster your kart will be set! This ultimately means that drivers could be going at a variety of speeds which is why it is so important to obey signs that are shown to you.

If you ever feel sick, are injured or just want to come off the track, please don’t hesitate to let a staff member know, and we can assist you. There is no pressure to stay on track for the full 15 minutes!


After your 15 minute race, you will be directed back into the pits by staff. Once instructed, hop out of your karts, and over to the results area to find out who won your race! There will be plenty to discuss, comparing lap times and recounting all the slick overtakes you were able to pull off! 

Feel free to hit up the arcades or our Virtual Reality Arena, or even book another race to try and beat your PB! 

If you’re looking to make Hyper Karting your regular thing, try out our monthly Membership! Enjoy benefits like free* Main Track and Mini Track races, discounted drinks and free arcade games!

We hope to see you at the track soon!

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