Hyper Karting Collaborators

The Media Joint has worked with Hyper Karting to be the primary technology and media partner. We supply, maintain, and operate all of the technology in the venue as well as commission the right suppliers for the job. We also produce video content and live streams for businesses all over Australia.

Jock Swan
+61 458 923 057  

The Media Joint

Latarka specialises in lighting design, installation, integration, and equipment supply. Their team work across nearly every event-sector and are highly experienced in delivering innovative lighting solutions for touring artists, musicals, schools, nightlife events, corporate launches, special events and, of course, experiential gokart tracks!

Victor Mrowka
Director | Designer
+61 422 027 032

Latarka Pty. Ltd.
9/242A New Line Road, Dural,
NSW 2158

Premium Designer & Bespoke Epoxy Flooring solutions !

Statement Floors Provides Premium Designer & Bespoke Resin Flooring Solutions throughout NSW & ACT.We make sure our clients have complete and total confidence in our services and are proud to be recognised as one of the best in the commercial, industrial , residential & bespoke flooring business.

Fab Familio

+61 451 943 483

Statement Floors
Bella Vista, NSW, 2153

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