The Benefits of Electric Go-Karting From the Social to the Environmental

The Benefits of Electric Go-Karting From the Social to the Environmental

Unbeknownst to the average person, go-karting comes with a variety of different benefits! From the health value to the environmental advantages, there are a whole range of reasons to try go-karting with us. We’re here to let you in on a few hidden secrets about the sport— because it’s far more than the recreational activity it may seem to be.


Karting is an activity that is sure to give you an adrenaline rush. One of the most common misconceptions about go-karting relates to just how much of an exercise it is. It takes mental and physical strength to tackle the track, including use of your reflexes. Once you hit those higher speeds, and respond to the turns with the rapidity it demands, you’ll see just why racing gives our drivers such a big adrenaline rush. It is sure to leave you feeling energised!


Bonding experiences

Go-Karting is more than just a solitary activity. Hyper Karting is the perfect social occasion or a chance to race with your friends and family. Karting with us is an unforgettable experience guaranteed to bond you together! We are absolutely open for any birthdays, bucks/hens parties, or corporate events. There is absolutely nothing like beating your personal best in a race with your family and friends.

Recalibrate your mind

If you need a distraction or an activity to clear your mind, go-karting is the perfect opportunity to race your worries away. We offer the perfect combination of fun, relaxation and excitement all fastened into one fast and furious electric go-kart. Karting is a whole body activity. It requires the mind to focus, and calibrates the use of all of the body together. It requires hand-eye coordination as well as skilled use of the pedals. It is certainly an activity that will force you to get in the zone.

The health benefits

Go-Karting is a form of exercise that absolutely packs a punch! Studies have shown that, on average, a 30 minute go-karting session burns up to 358 calories. To put that into context, that’s over 40% more than jogging in the same time period. Go-karting is an activity that is absolutely guaranteed to get your heart pumping, as well as exercise your muscles and reflexes. If you’re looking to spice up your workouts, Hyper Karting is just the place. Some of our top racers come in almost every morning for a cheap, intense workout.

Environmentally friendly

Here at Hyper Karting, we use electric-powered karts. While petrol karts may have a negative connotation, racing with us is a 100% fume and emission free experience. You can rest assured that our sessions are clean, and guilt-free.


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