Is Go-Karting Safe? Ensuring a Secure Racing Experience | Hyper Karting

Is Go-Karting Safe? Ensuring a Secure Racing Experience | Hyper Karting

One of the most common questions we get at Hyper Karting is ‘Is Go-Karting Safe?’ 

Go-Karting, at its heart, is an extreme sport that comes with its own set of risks* Like any activity, however, correctly following set rules and regulations promotes a safe, and fun, go-karting experience for all drivers. We’re here to alleviate your fears by explaining a couple of the key safety features of our track, and running you through all the rules that will guarantee the safest possible experience!

At Hyper Karting, we’ve developed a range of safety features to lower the risk of accidents. From our automatic speed control, to our racing-style helmets, we’re here to keep your peace of mind intact, so you can race assured of your safety. Here are our key safety features, tips, and rules:

Automatic Speed Control

Here at Hyper Karting, we use an automatic speed control system. As our karts are electric, we are able to individually control the speed of each kart to ensure each driver is going at a speed comfortable for their age, and ability. We have programmed our system with a set of lap-time thresholds to unlock these higher speeds. Once a driver has achieved these lap times, their speed is automatically increased! 

Racing helmets and seatbelts

Hyper Karting requires that all racers wear full-face racing style helmets! We equip all drivers with these helmets at our venue, or if you do have one at home, you are more than welcome to bring your own! Further, our karts are equipped with 3-point seat belts that go across the shoulders and over the waist. Our staff will assist you in properly putting these on, and ensuring they have been tightened properly. 

Age Categories  

We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to racers of all ages and abilities. Our races are split into three different age categories (16+, 12-15, and Under 12’s) to ensure all drivers are with people of similar ability. Our kids races start at slower speeds to cater for the needs of our mini racers! For smaller children, we use booster seats, and pedal extensions, to guarantee they are well-equipped to comfortably drive the kart. Our only requirement is that you are over the height of 140cm tall. If this is not suitable, our mini track is the perfect solution!

Staff assistance

There are always multiple staff members monitoring and patrolling each race. If you have any issues at all while on track, these staff members are your first port of call. You can pull over, in any of our designated overtake zones, to talk to these staff members. They can answer any questions or concerns you may have, as well as fix any issues for you immediately. In the event of an accident, they’ll be your swift responders and will be the first to provide assistance!


Safety is our number one priority at our track. We have established a set of rules that all drivers must follow while racing. The most important rule is to obey any staff instruction, including following any signs that are displayed. Drivers may commonly see the ‘No bumping’ or ‘Allow Overtake’ signs, in which case we require racers to move left and allow others to pass them before continuing. 

Those who continuously do not obey rules, or cause accidents, will be taken off track by staff.

Tips for first-time drivers 

We welcome racers of all abilities, including absolute beginners! For anyone feeling unconfident in driving, we recommend sticking to the left side of the track before you get the hang of racing. Our staff will answer any questions you may have. Soon, you’ll see just how fun karting is!

* If you have any further concerns about your safety and participation in go-karting, we highly recommend seeking the advice of your medical professional. Drivers who are pregnant, or have any pre-existing medical conditions, are not able to race.

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