Guide for first time drivers: Your First Karting Experience | Hyper Karting

Guide for first time drivers: Your First Karting Experience | Hyper Karting

Hopping in a kart for the first time can feel like an intimidating experience but it doesn’t have to be.

There’s a reason why top drivers return time and time again to the doors of Hyper Karting. From the excitement and anticipation of waiting in the pit exit, seatbelts tightened and helmets on, to the very first tug of your speed pulling you backwards into your seat, karting is an exhilaratingly addictive experience. Racing with us is the closest you can get to going pro!

What to expect

There are a couple of things you must do before you are ready to race at Hyper Karting. First things first, you will be prompted to complete the Race Registration. For any eager racers who may have completed the registration at home, simply head up to the front desk with your booking confirmation and tell our staff your name so they can add your name to the race and you can receive lap times! You will then be introduced to your individual race host who will call you into our briefing area to watch a short video on everything you need to know about our track. Although this video will answer the bulk of any questions you may have, your race host will address any further queries or concerns.

Before you race

After this, you will be fitted into our special racing helmets with the assistance of our pit crew, and directed to take a seat in your assigned kart. To properly seat yourself, simply clip your seatbelt together, and tighten firstly your waistband, and then the straps across your shoulders. The seats are fully adjustable by a lever located under the steering wheel. You are welcome to adjust your seat to your comfort by sliding back or forward while pulling the lever! If you require any further assistance with this, or require a booster seat and/or pedal extensions, a staff member will help you out!

As your kart is turned on, and your heart begins to thump louder in your chest, your time on the track begins. It is perfectly natural to be nervous if you have never raced before. We always recommend sticking to the side of the track for a few laps if you are particularly shy, just before you get the hang of it. The most important instruction we have is to obey any signs that are held up to you on the track   remember that the race leaderboard and ranking is determined by your overall lap times, not by who crosses the finish line first!


Soon, you’ll see just why karting is such a compelling activity. It’s feeling your kart speed up as you master the perfect turn, slamming your foot down on the accelerator as you bundle the straights, and beating your last lap time, that keeps drivers coming back. We hope you’ll learn to love karting just as much as us!

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