Family and Group Entertainment

Family and Group Entertainment

Looking for an activity that the whole family can enjoy and bond over? Ever wondered who the ultimate driver in the family is? After some adrenaline pumping fun? Look no further! Hyper Karting is the perfect venue for all ages. You’re bound to find something for everyone at Hyper Karting, whether it’s go-karting, virtual reality or our variety of arcade games!



Our Main Track has a height minimum of 140cm, and races are divided into 3 age categories. These are: “Ages Under 12”, “Ages 12-15” and “Ages 16+”. The difference in these 3 categories is simply the top speed at which the karts can reach. Anyone younger than the age minimum of the category they’ve booked into won’t be able to race, however, older participants are more than welcome to join. We’ve made family karting easy! This means, if you have a family of 4, with the youngest being 13 (and taller than 140cm), you can all race together in a 12-15s race! This makes for some family-friendly competitive fun, and is a great way to make some unique family memories. Sneakily overtake, go head-to-head on one of our straights and compare lap times at the end of the race! 

Alternatively, you can book each family member into the appropriate age category, meaning you get to watch the race from the sidelines! We also have the Viewing Area in the middle of the track, so customers can watch races from right in the middle of the action! This area is free to use (unless there is a private event taking place), and has plenty of chairs and tables!


If you have some younger members of the family who don’t quite meet the 140cm height requirement, don’t fret, we’ve made age-friendly karting a reality with our purpose-built Mini Track, suited to ages 3-7 and lets the little ones live out their Mario Karting dreams! 

Before starting the race, each child will be fitted with a helmet and taught the mechanics of the kart, right pedal to go, left pedal to stop. Our staff are always ready to assist any child who is struggling, scared, or wants to finish the race earlier! 

Each Mini Track kart is equipped with a 4 point seat belt to ensure your child is as comfortable and safe as possible. Their low centre of gravity makes it near impossible for the kart to flip, so no need to worry about this being a possibility! 


If go karting isn’t your cup of tea, no problem! We have a free-roam Virtual Reality Arena with a variety of games, including Zombies, Kitchen Panic and Cyber Clash. Virtual Reality has an age minimum of 8 years old, and can hold up to 6 participants per 10 minute game. 

After a round of Virtual Reality, hit up our Arcade! We have a variety of racing games which can be bought using a card or phone on the card reader, or, you can purchase an Arcade Card from our front desk!


It is often believed that go-karting is a “boy's sport”, and often women and young girls are put off the idea of participating in a sport that is so male dominated. Hyper Karting hopes to flatten this stigma and empower women to feel valued as customers and racers. We also aim to spark interest in female go kart drivers to ultimately help level out the male to female ratio in go karting. 

It is important that we especially encourage young girls to give it a try, as they are so commonly told about things they can’t do. When talking about go karting with your family and friends, make sure the women and girls in the conversation feel included and valued, and encourage everyone to give it a go, no matter gender identity. 



The Entertainment Quarter is a great spot for a day out with the family! 

Start the day with some delicious brunch from one of the cafe’s at the Quarter, Jamaica Blue or 2151! Then, head up to level 5 of the car park to Hyper Karting for some laps around the track, or a game of Virtual Reality. Then, head to Strike Bowling, before grabbing some lunch from Mary’s or Winghaus. Finally, finish off the day with a movie at Hoyts Cinema. 

The Entertainment Quarter also has markets filled with delicious food, beautiful flowers and great music every Wednesday and Saturday!

With so many great options around the EQ, it's easier than ever to plan a day out with the family filled with fun activities and delicious food! 

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