Family friendly, electric go karting track

Race around one of Australia’s largest all-weather go karting tracks at Hyper Karting, located on level 5 of The Entertainment Quarter car park in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. Hyper Karting opened on Saturday 31st of January .


The 410m all-weather track allows customers to drive in any weather conditions, and is suitable for ages 13 and up. Each kart can be controlled wirelessly, giving the team real-time control of the kart's speed according to driver ability for increased safety. For returning racers, racing speed is determined by an algorithm that looks at their lap times in previous races.


Our brand new German electric karts are superior to petrol karts and reach their top speed extremely quickly once you hit the pedal. With better handling and evenly-distributed battery weight, the electric karts make steering and racing around the track a smoother experience. The karts are environmentally friendly, producing zero emissions and fumes, thus creating a cleaner and safer driving experience for customers.


Hyper Karting is seeking to reimagine the experience of go karting, there are no uncomfortable suits, loud engines or fumes. Previously a male dominated activity, Hyper Karting is made for everyone, with 40% of the team being female. For drivers aged 3–12 years, Hyper Karting has a purpose-built track and Nano Karts, which allow kids to get on the track in a safe and fun way.


Conveniently located in The Entertainment Quarter, Hyper Karting is the perfect spot to host your next event. Whether it be a new weekend activity, fast-paced family outing, exhilarating kids birthday party or team building fun, Hyper Karting’s group booking options cater to all types of functions.


Hyper Karting is a COVID-safe venue and is observing the government guidelines, including hygiene measures to protect the health of visitors and staff and minimise the spread of COVID-19.

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