Mini Track

Whether you're looking for something to do over the school holidays or in need of a new entertaining activity for your next family day out, Hyper Karting is suitable for all ages and guarantees a great time. 

Safety is our main priority, so we have designed everything from our karts to our tracks with kids in mind. For drivers aged 3–7 years, our purpose-built track and Nano Karts allow them to get on the track in a safe and fun way. Parents can either supervise next to the track or sit behind their child on the kart. 

Note that kids 8 and up are more than welcome to ride on the kids karts however they are targeted to ages 7 and under. 

Each kart can be controlled wirelessly, giving our team real-time control on the speed of the kart. To ensure the safety of our future Formula 1 stars, the karts will run at a slower speed than the adult race. 

Kids taller than 140cm are able to use our main track and karts.