Hyper Club Membership Medal


- Use the discount code 'PADDOCKCLUB' on checkout for up to $15 off per race. Note this discount only applies to Main Track races that fall in the current week or the week after. (i.e. depending on the day you can only book 8 to 14 days in advance) 

- When booking races you must checkout with the email address which you purchased your Hyper Karting Paddock Club subscription with (as that is the email linked to your customer profile that enables the discount)

-  Hyper Karting Paddock Club only allows you to book one seat per race time slot. If you try and book multiple seats in a given race the discount will be set to nil in your cart and you will not be able to check out. To fix this ensure all items in your cart are set to a quantity of 1 and delete then re-apply the discount code PADDOCKCLUB 

- ID will be checked on arrival and in the event the driver does not match the Hyper Karting Paddock Club membership account the booking was made with no refund will be provided and the driver will instead be asked to pay the full amount

- Hyper Karting Paddock Club is a subscription service and your card will be charged monthly in advance unless cancelled. You will receive an email with your subscription details and steps for cancelling your membership

- You are required to manually enter the discount code for every booking. If you place an order without manually entering the discount code you will be charged the standard rate and no refund will be provided. If you attempt to purchase multiple seats in the same race time slot your discount will be reduced to nil and if you proceed to book with this nil discount then no refund will be provided. Likewise if you book a race that does not fall into this week or next week the discount will not apply and no refund will be given.

- If you are booking for multiple people (including yourself) in one race time then do not use the discount code as it will fail (per the reasons above). Instead you will need to make the booking under 2 separate orders, one where only the member is booked into 1 seat, and a second for those non-members to whom the discount code will not apply (do not attempt to enter it). For example if you are booking for 4 people (including yourself), book yourself in for one seat using the code (and you will receive a discount), then make a separate booking for the remaining 3 without using the discount code.

- [Need to add additional terms and conditions relevant to a standard membership model. For example letting people know that if they forget to cancel their membership then that is on them not us, and no refund will be provided (they will receive a warning email 3 days prior to their monthly renewal)]

- [Need to add a paragraph that points out that the standard T&C's from booking a product as they normally would still apply]

- [Perhaps need to add a paragraph about how this membership model is a new offering and as such it is subject to change as we refine / improve. We reserve the right to cancel memberships at the end of the month and instead offer members the ability to sign up to a separate membership model / not offer a membership model at all going forward]

- [Need to add some T&C's about how if members purchase a product and do not show up for any reason then they will not be eligible for a refund. As such we ask members to only book in when they are likely to be able to attend, because if they book in and cannot attend then we will unfortunately not be able to sell the seat at a full rate to another customer. Perhaps we also say that if they abuse their ability to book in regular races and do not attend then we reserve the right to cancel their membership?] (note, I think it is better to instead have a $5-10 minimum charge for every seat such that if they don't show they are still 'punished' for doing so. Giving them the ability to book for free just opens the door to members abusing the system and booking themselves in for dozens of races, taking away the opportunity for other customers to book.

- [Need to add in some T&C's about how the membership does not guarantee booking availability and if they are unable to find a free seat then we encourage them to try and book further in advance and/or try booking in for a different time. Note that we also want to encourage this because as an experienced driver they will have a better time on track with a less busy / potentially empty race than if they come at a peak period]

- [Do we need to add a comment / paragraph about booking back to back races and whether we discourage that? (maybe we don't actually mind if they do...?). Just to cover us off if they complain that they missed out on some time in their second race because they were finishing off their first race?]