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Saturday, 23rd October 2021 | 8 Minute Mini Track

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Bookings are essential to guarantee access to the Mini Track.

The karts used are very prone to malfunction, so your booking may need to be cancelled at late notice - we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.




By making this booking, you agree to the following terms and conditions of purchase, irrespective of what may have been required of you on previous visits to Hyper Karting. If you find our booking platform to be confusing, please reach out to us for clarification before booking. Please ensure that all booking details are correct when finalising your purchase to ensure no mistakes have been made.


  1. 8 Minute Drive
  2. Exclusive Use of the Track
  3. Looking to book multiple races?
  4. COVID-19 Requirements
  5. Race Requirements
  6. Race Registration
  7. Dine & Discover Vouchers
  8. Prior Experiences
  9. Weight Limits
  10. Refund Policy
  11. Cancellation Policy
  12. Discount Codes
  13. Phone Number & Bookings Over Email
  14. Changes to NSW Lockdown Rules
  15. Variable Pricing
  1. 8 Minute Drive:

For drivers aged 3-7 years old who are not quite ready to take on the adult track, our 40m kids circuit offers a safe way to be a part of the fun.

Note that kids 8 and up are more than welcome to ride on the kids’ karts however they are targeted to ages 7 and under.

Our track currently has the capacity for 2 x 8 minute drives every 10 minutes. 

Your total experience should last 15 minutes (including arrival and departure), however this can vary.

  1. Exclusive Use of the Track:

Please note you will only have exclusive use of the track if you book out both seats in a 8 minute session, otherwise it is open to another group to book!

  1. Looking to book multiple races?

Those looking to drive for more than 8 minutes are welcome to do so by booking numerous time slots, similar to the main track. If the slot before or after your slot is booked out, you will not be able to extend your session.

  1. Covid-19 Requirements:


Hyper Karting is an outdoor venue, located on Level 5 of an open-air car park. There is an extremely high level of airflow/ventilation in the venue and a significantly reduced risk of transmission compared to indoor venues.


Customers are required to adhere to the strict policies and procedures put in place by Hyper Karting - failure to do so will put both Hyper Karting staff & customers at risk, and you will be asked to leave the venue immediately. You must:

  • Wear a face mask at all times in the venue
  • Check-in & complete a questionnaire upon entry
  • Sanitise your hands upon entry

NOTE: Comments elsewhere about Hyper Karting being an indoor venue have been made as a marketing effort to avoid the confusion of participants thinking that we are not an all-weather venue.

  1. Race Requirements:
  • Maximum Combined Weight - 150kgs
  • Enclosed footwear is mandatory
  • Live within 5km of Hyper Karting, Moore Park (check here)
  • Not live in any restricted LGAs
  • Meet our other COVID-Safe requirements as outlined above
  • No loose clothing is allowed on the track
  • Participants must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Race Registration must be completed prior to your race briefing
  • Drivers must not be a danger to themselves or others
  • All drivers must abide by our COVID-Safe procedures, including the arrival questionnaire and the Service NSW Check-In
  1. Race Registration:

All participants must register using the following link prior to arriving at Hyper Karting.  Parents/guardians are required to register on behalf of minors under the age of 16:


  1. Dine & Discover Vouchers:

We are proud to be accepting Discover vouchers in venue. Unfortunately, we are not able to redeem the vouchers at the time of an online booking. To use your discover vouchers and book online please redeem your vouchers on arrival at the venue and we will provide you with the appropriate partial refund on your online order.

  1. Prior Experiences:

As a new business Hyper Karting has been rapidly evolving, with an especially strong focus on driver safety. Changes have been made that may mean the next time you visit our track things are different to your prior experiences and as such we do not make any guarantees. Before booking we kindly ask that you read everything in this description as it is accurate and up to date. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team via email.

  1. Weight Limits:

Our karts have a weight limit of 150kgs (combined adult and child) for safe use.

  1. Refund Policy:

Hyper Karting reserves its right that all bookings are strictly non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled or credited regardless of the reason for non-attendance. Any booking made by you or your group may prevent someone else from doing so, and as such we are not able to recoup the funds for that particular race. If sufficient cancellation notice is provided to pitcrew@hyperkarting.com.au, we may be able to resell your tickets to another group, in which case a gift card will be issued to the total amount of seats sold. If you have special circumstances and would like to modify an incorrect booking more than 48 hours in advance get in touch via email and we may be able to assist.

This refund policy also applies to (among other things):

  • Participants with a combined weight limit above 150kgs
  • Participants who refuse to follow our strict COVID-Safety protocols
  • Participants with a non-zero blood alcohol content (BAC) level or who are suspected by staff to be under the influence of drugs
  • Participants who staff deem to be a hazard to themselves or others
  • Participants who are involved in a race where there has been an accident that has caused themselves or others injury. This applies regardless of who is at fault
  • Any misconduct or harassment to staff members deemed unacceptable at the discretion of Hyper Karting

Please note that ‘special circumstances’ will not be sufficient for us to vary from our refunds policy because, by booking a given timeslot you are preventing someone else from doing so – someone who would not have a ‘special circumstance’ that Hyper Karting would need to accommodate. As such, purchasers should consider the risk that arising ‘special circumstances’ may prevent them from attending their booking or using a gift card in the case of a cancellation. ‘Special circumstances’ include but are not limited to:

  • Cancellation of a bucks’ party or other special occasion;
  • Cancellation of a ‘going away’ celebration for a participant;
  • Travelling or moving interstate or overseas;
  • Having paid for a booking on behalf of others who refuse to reimburse; and
  • Intending to use Dine & Discover vouchers but subsequently being unable to

Although we endeavour to ensure your time at Hyper Karting is as enjoyable as possible, there may be periods where the technology system used is malfunctioning, or where our team are running late for a variety of reasons. No form of compensation or refund will be provided to customers who are inconvenienced or incur costs due to any delays, including but not limited to the cost of parking. The time selected for your booking represents the time that you should arrive (not earlier, not later).

COVID Refund Policy:

The person booking assumes the risk that they may not be able to make their race due to any reason, including COVID reasons.

Bookings cannot be refunded, re-scheduled or credited unless proceeding with the booking would put you and your group DIRECTLY in breach of NSW Government Health advice (‘COVID reasons’), in which case refunds to gift cards will be made at the discretion of staff after investigation and consideration of the circumstances. The entirety of a group’s booking will also not be refunded if one or more members of the group are unable to make the booking for ‘COVID reasons’.

Reasons for non-attendance that existed prior to a booking being made or have existed for a significant amount of time before a request for cancellation is made will not be considered when determining whether a store credit is appropriate. Such reasons include (but are not limited to):

  • Significantly increased COVID case numbers (either in Sydney or elsewhere);
  • Government-imposed restrictions or recommendations; and
  • Restrictions on participants such as the need to self-isolate as a result of being a close contact, a casual contact, being symptomatic of COVID or awaiting test results

As such we encourage purchasers to reach out to us as soon as possible when circumstances arise that may prevent them from participating.

Please note that our policy of at most issuing credit notes is in line with guidance from the ACCC (ACCC report & included in it the below excerpt from page 5, paragraph 2):

“In general, whether consumers are entitled to a credit note or a refund for services cancelled due to government restrictions will therefore depend on the terms and conditions of their booking.”

  1. Cancellation Policy:

Hyper Karting reserves the right to cancel and fully refund customers at Hyper Karting's discretion. Reasons for refunding could include changing Government health advice as to the way Hyper Karting is allowed to operate. The karts used are very prone to malfunction, so your booking may need to be cancelled at late notice - we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

  1. Discount Codes:

Discount codes (such as the 10% off codes received via email) are not automatically applied to orders. These must be entered at checkout to reduce the cost of the booking. Hyper Karting will not issue refunds to reduce the amount paid for bookings to be equal to the amount that would have been paid had the manual discount code been entered at checkout. Discount codes are also available for online only purchases.

  1. Phone Number & Bookings Over Email:

Hyper Karting is unfortunately unable to accept phone calls or make bookings on behalf of customers over emails as we require payment in full prior to reserving your race. However, we remain at your disposal to answer questions over email (pitcrew@hyperkarting.com.au). We endeavour to respond within 2 business days.

  1. Changes to NSW Lockdown Rules:

Notwithstanding anything else in this document, Hyper Karting reserves the right to increase the number of people per race if changes to the NSW lockdown rules permit this to occur.

  1. Variable Pricing:

Prices for different times may vary and are subject to change. The current price of a given timeslot will be shown on your screen after that timeslot is selected. For our most affordable times, look to come in the early morning, late in the evening, or days earlier in the week!

Please note that often the reduced rate timeslots for a given day (as listed on the date selection screen) can be fully booked out by other customers. If this occurs, then there will not be any selectable timeslots within that day which show the race as being at that listed reduced rate as they will instead be shown as 'Sold Out'.