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Main Track - Monday, 24th May 2021

Age Requirement (Photo ID Required)
Race Time (Arrive 15 Minutes Prior For Briefing)
Strict Race Requirements


By purchasing this product, you agree to the following terms and conditions of purchase, irrespective of what may have been required of you on previous visits to Hyper Karting. If you find our booking platform to be confusing, please reach out to us for clarification before booking. Please ensure that all booking details are correct when finalising your purchase to ensure no mistakes have been made.


  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to the session start time for your race briefing. Note that events in the Moore Park area (such as at the SCG) may cause significant traffic delays both in arriving and departing Hyper Karting. Parking in the car park may not be possible during busy periods.
  • Photo ID and height requirements will be checked and strictly enforced (we accept scanned copies of passports).

Automatic Discount:

Automatic discounts only apply when at the checkout the order amount is over the threshold amount required for the discount.  Discounts will not be applied to separate orders if at the checkout each order is under the threshold amount, even if the sum of those separate orders is over the threshold amount.  Hyper Karting will not issue refunds to reduce the amount paid for multiple orders to be equal to the amount that would have been paid had the orders been processed as one consolidated order.

Variable Pricing:

Prices for different race times may vary. The price of a given timeslot will be shown on your screen after that timeslot is selected.

Reverse Track:

Race times including the words “REVERSE TRACK” indicate that the track will be raced anticlockwise, and not clockwise as is normally the case.

Race Registration:

All participants must register using the following link prior to arriving at Hyper Karting:

Race Requirements:

  • Minimum Age (regardless of height | Photo ID will be checked):
    • 13 years for races with an 'Age Requirement' of 'Ages 13-15'; and
    • 16 years for races with an 'Age Requirement' of 'Ages 16+'
  • Minimum Height - 150cm
  • Maximum Weight - 130kgs
  • Enclosed footwear is mandatory
  • No loose clothing is allowed on the track
  • Participants must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Race Registration must be completed prior to your race briefing
  • Drivers must not be a danger to themselves or others
  • All drivers must wear a full-face helmet and a hairnet

Prior Experiences:

As a new business Hyper Karting has been rapidly evolving, with an especially strong focus on driver safety. Changes have been made that may mean the next time you visit our track things are different to your prior experiences and as such we do not make any guarantees. Before booking we kindly ask that you read everything in this description as it is accurate and up to date. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team via email.



The health advice is that Hyper Karting is classified as an outdoor business for COVID purposes due to having high airflow and there being a lower risk of transmission than indoor venues. That being said we recommend that visitors wear masks when appropriate.

Note: Comments elsewhere about Hyper Karting being an indoor venue have been made as a marketing effort to avoid the confusion of participants thinking that we are not an all-weather venue. Our track layout also better resembles layouts of indoor go-kart tracks than outdoor go-kart tracks.

Dangerous Driving

We have no tolerance for dangerous driving and all participants must ensure that they are not a risk to themselves, other participants, staff or our equipment. Drivers who are making contact with the barriers, other karts or are otherwise driving dangerously (at the complete discretion of staff) may not be able to race or may be removed from the race. If a participant is removed from a race they will not be entitled to a refund, reschedule, credit or exchange for that race or for future races they may have also booked in for.

Converting Races:

If there are no races for your desired 'Age Requirement' available around the time you are looking to book then you can have a race converted to the other 'Age Requirement' (e.g. 'Ages 16+' converted to 'Ages 13-15') by booking out all 10 seats in a race that doesn't meet your age requirement (subject to availability). By booking out an entire race (10 seats) you effectively turn it into a race that we can safely host based on the ages and ability of your group members. Note that if you book out anything less than all 10 seats (or book 10 and subsequently have some refunded/credited/rescheduled/exchanged) then the 'Age Requirement' of the race cannot be changed and all participants must be of an age (photo ID will be checked) as per the original 'Age Requirement' of the race. If you do not meet the age requirement then our Standard Refund Policy will strictly apply.

Race Length:

Races last approximately 10 minutes.

Speed Control:

Races will be at a speed appropriate for the age & ability of all participants. The top speed of karts in ‘Ages 13-15’ races may not exceed 20km/hr. The top speed of karts in ‘Ages 16+’ races may not exceed 30km/hr. In both Ages 16+ and Ages 13-15 races kart speeds are adjusted to match drivers' ability. For safety reasons all karts will drive at an extra slow speed on the first lap.

Automatic Speed Control:

After the first couple of laps our system may automatically increase your kart speed based on the best lap time you set in that race and the extent to which you and others in your race are making contact with other karts and barriers. The faster the 'best lap time' you set, the faster your kart will be able to go. As such we cannot guarantee your kart will drive at the same speed as others in your race or at the same speed as times that you have raced with us previously. Unfortunately our automatic speed control system means that your first half lap and last full lap are not included in the lap times.

Driving Tips:

In order to get the best possible lap time to entitle you to the fastest possible speed we recommend slowing before the lap starts to leave a gap between yourself and the karts in front so that you have an unimpeded lap (our start/finish line is located on the corner before the start finish line). Unfortunately we may not be able to speed you up if you are not able to set a good lap time because you were held up by other drivers or accidents elsewhere on the track.


For racers with experience we recommend booking off-peak times such that you can have more space on our track. Our track can be quite narrow in places and overtaking can be challenging. We ask slower racers to move aside to make overtaking easier however we cannot guarantee you will be unencumbered by other racers and do not provide refunds if you feel you were blocked.

Looking to book multiple races?

For those looking to book multiple races, we recommend leaving a gap between your races instead of booking them back to back to ensure that you are able to have a quick rest between races. If you book back-to-back races we may require you to remain seated in your kart between races.

Age Change:

We have increased the minimum age from 12 to 13 on the Main Track and we are ensuring this is enforced by staff (photo ID is required to race). This applies regardless of whether a 12 year old has visited and driven at the track before. 

Refund Policy:

Hyper Karting reserves its right that all bookings are strictly non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled or credited regardless of the reason for non-attendance. If you have special circumstances and would like to modify an incorrect booking more than 24 hours in advance get in touch via email and we may be able to assist. Please see our Standard Refund Policy for more details.

This refund policy also applies if you have incorrectly booked someone into a race, including:

  • Racers below 150cm as determined by staff
  • Racers who cannot produce valid photo ID to prove they are older than 12 looking to race in ‘Ages 13-15’
  • Racers who cannot produce valid photo ID to prove they are older than 15 looking to race in ‘Ages 16+’
  • Racers above 130kgs

In addition, although we endeavour to ensure your kart's steering wheel screen is working and/or your lap times are recorded in our system we do not guarantee this will be the case. Unforeseen circumstances may mean your lap times are not recorded or your screen is not working and if this is the case we are not required to provide a refund.


Bookings cannot be refunded, re-scheduled or credited unless proceeding with the booking would put you and your group directly in breach of NSW Government Health advice (‘COVID reasons’), in which case refunds to gift cards will be made at the discretion of staff. The entirety of a group’s booking will also not be refunded if one or more members of the group are unable to make the booking for ‘COVID reasons’.

Damage to Karts, Equipment and Premises:

Visitors to Hyper Karting will be required to pay reasonable amounts for any damage that they cause to karts, equipment or the premises. This includes a $100 cleaning fee if a participant is sick and vomits into a helmet. 

Cancellation Policy:

Hyper Karting reserves the right to cancel and fully refund customers 3 or more weeks in advance.

Terms and Conditions of Your Company:

Hyper Karting is not able to agree to the terms and conditions of other companies.  We are however happy to discuss over emails what our business does to promote safety with you or your legal department.