Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak in Sydney we are temporarily closed for a number of dates

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 Standard Refund Policy:

    Hyper Karting reserves its right that all bookings are strictly non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled or credited regardless of the reason for non-attendance. One reason for this is that, by making a booking you prevent someone else from doing so. Even if you purchase only 1 seat in a race and there are 9 spare seats, you have prevented a group that wanted a 10 seat race from booking that time. If you have special circumstances and would like to modify an incorrect booking more than 48 hours in advance get in touch via email and we may be able to assist.

    This refund policy also applies to (among other things):

    • Racers below 150cm as determined by staff
    • Racers who cannot produce valid photo ID to prove they are older than 12 looking to race in ‘Ages 13-15’
    • Racers who cannot produce valid photo ID to prove they are older than 15 looking to race in ‘Ages 16+’
    • Racers above 130kgs
    • Racers with a non-zero blood alcohol content (BAC) level or who are suspected by staff to be under the influence of drugs
    • Racers who staff deem to be a hazard to themselves or others
    • Racers who are involved in a race where there has been an accident which has caused themselves or others injury, or has meant that their time on track or at full speed was reduced. This applies regardless of who is at fault

    In addition, although we endeavour to ensure your kart's steering wheel screen is working and/or your lap times are recorded in our system we do not guarantee this will be the case. Unforeseen circumstances may mean your lap times are not recorded or your screen is not working and if this is the case we are not required to provide a refund.

    Similarly, while we make all reasonable efforts to run on time, we can occasionally run late for various reasons, often outside of our control. No form of compensation will be given to visitors who are inconvenienced or incur costs due to any delays, including but not limited to the cost of parking. The time selected for your booking represents the race briefing time that we endeavour to meet.

    COVID Refund Policy:

    Bookings cannot be refunded, re-scheduled or credited unless proceeding with the booking would put you and your group DIRECTLY in breach of NSW Government Health advice (‘COVID reasons’), in which case refunds to gift cards will be made at the discretion of staff. The entirety of a group’s booking will also not be refunded if one or more members of the group are unable to make the booking for ‘COVID reasons’.